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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

YOU can spend the night outside!

It's starting to be warm at night in Hotlanta and the bees are beginning to feel it. It's the job of the house bees to keep the hive around 93 degrees Farenheit. If there are too many bees inside, the heat will rise above that so some are relegated to spending the hot nights on the front porch.

Walt Wright wrote an article last year on the need for hive ventilation. I do have the top propped which provides some air circulation but I do use a purchased inner cover, so the center opening isn't very large. This may slow down the air circulation through the hive. We'll keep watch as the summer goes into hotter times.

Below you can see the Proteus bees on their porch.

The bees from Mellona are also on the porch tonight.

Even little Bermuda has too many bees inside and has made this tiny effort at bearding. Bearding is what it is called when bees gather like a bee beard on the front of the hive. These beards are quite minimal - I'll keep showing the development of the beard as we get into REALLY hot nights....so watch for hotter night pictures.
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  1. I'm thinking that a wild (free) bee nest has no top openings at all but just an entrance where from the bees air-conditions their home. As you know special bees’ stays near the entrance and using their wings ventilates the hive. By provide them openings on the top of the hive I believe that we disturb the natural procedure.

  2. You should see the bee beards when I DON'T put a top entrance - last year I was amazed at them congregating around and all over the front of the hive....so maybe it's not natural, but Walt Wright's article suggests that air flow is really important.

  3. annette1:12 PM


    I just purchased 2 all season inner covers from Honey Run Apiaries. They are wonderful and I believe will provide much needed ventilation. Take a look at their web site.
    Annette from Placerville

  4. I can't et the picture of the all season covers to enlarge, but a stick in the top works fine for me for now!!!

  5. Hi Linda, Donna from MABA... Just checking tonite, I though you had mentioned this bearding thing your "first year" presentation. My bees are hanging out on thier porch tonite too - have been at least since I got home around 4:00 today. Being a newbie, I'm convinced nothing is normal despite what I read to the contrary. Guess I'll read these articles and figure out how to get them some relief in there...

  6. Don't worry, Donna. Every time I saw worse than this last year I was sure they were about to swarm when really they are doing what southern bees have to do to keep the hive cool enough. The Wright article is very good, but I'm not going for a new inner cover this year....see you soon at MABA

  7. hello linda;
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