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I began this blog to chronicle my beekeeping experiences. I have read lots of beekeeping books, but nothing takes the place of either hands-on experience with an experienced beekeeper or good pictures of the process. I want people to have a clearer picture of what to expect in their beekeeping so I post pictures and write about my beekeeping saga here.Master Beekeeper Enjoy with me as I learn and grow as a beekeeper.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Newbie Questions at the Beginning of Bee Season

Here at the beginning of bee season, there are many questions that the first year beekeeper asks. I have posted a lot about my challenges and what I have learned. Here are some of the links to posts that may be helpful if you are just getting started:

The basics: What you need to get started in beekeeping
How to build a hive box
How to build a frame
How to install a nuc (a four or five frame mini hive of bees)
How to light a smoker (as if I really can!)
How to do a hive inspection (and why?)

If you get through all of that, there are numerous posts on harvesting honey to produce clear honey, chunk honey and cut comb honey as well as posts on how to melt wax with a simple, cheap solar wax melter - just look on the right side of the blog under videos and slideshows.

Also be sure to search using the Google search bar on this blog for any questions you have and after 500 something posts, I imagine you'll find that I've probably been challenged by the same question at some point!


  1. Even though I'll probably never have my own bee hive :) I read how to build one. Very interesting Linda!

  2. Hi Linda
    Just wanted to congratulate you an great blog, I even included a link to it in recent newsletter.

  3. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Do you ever use foundationless frames and just allow the bees to use the wax starter strip to make their comb.

  4. Hi Bev,

    Now I always use foundationless frames. I haven't used foundation since my first year of beekeeping. I started making videos because of trying to figure out the wax tube fastener to secure a starter strip in a frame!


  5. Anonymous9:50 AM

    What type paint and primer should be used when painting the boxes? I'm a Beginner and have purchased unpainted boxes.


  6. People use the paint from the "oops" cart at Home Depot. I had some leftowver paint at home from making color decisions when I painted a sunporch. I suppose if you are doing it right, you'll use outdoor paint, but I didn't and my hives are fine. Some beekeepers don't paint their boxes but use a combination of boiled linseed oil and beeswax. Some do nothing and replace the boxes when they rot. There's not an absolute answer.

  7. RE: box finish-- a mix of raw linseed (not boiled, which if I recall right introduces chemicals) and bees wax seems to work OK.

  8. Anonymous11:51 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Please advise -- what is the best way to clean rubber gloves of propolis, hive-scents, etc? Thanks much ....

  10. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Re: paint, would spray paint be as good as canned paint? When I order painted supers, I'm certain they're mass-produced and probably mass-sprayed. Thx ....


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