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Thursday, September 15, 2011

And The Results......Wax Block Blah

Well, the block in the oven looks good at first glance - no ripples, came easily out of the mold, no white blemishes.....but of course, there are imperfections that don't make me happy.

The block that didn't cool in the oven cracked all over the place.  See the wax is yellower but this is of course unusable without repouring.

Here's what's wrong with the almost perfect block.  At the corners are little bumps and depressions. They are almost unseen but a judge will see them.  I think it's because it must have been cooler in the corners of the pan and the hot wax solidified there - or more likely wax splashed there while I was pouring at a different part of the pan and solidified before the molten wax joined it.

A better view of the problem and it's on three of the four corners.

So the good news is that I have enough wax to remelt the very yellow wax and repour it tonight.  I'll use the pan that I used for the uncracked block and cool it again in the oven.  So....on to pour six.....GRRRR.

Sorry about the picture issue - Picasa is letting me down again.


  1. Linda, none of your photos are showing up because the links are pointing to localhost (your home computer).

  2. Sorry about the pictures - every once in a while Picasa has a problem and pictures don't post - I don't know it until I check from another computer. It's now done this in three of the last three posts. I hope they get it fixed soon. Meanwhile I'll upload manually.


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