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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Learning about Lip Balm

I made my first attempt at making lip balm today and it turned out OK - not great, but I learned a lot. Here's what I did:

1. I bought Coconut oil (organic and virgin) from the Internet
2. I bought 100 containers from the Internet and some from the Container store
3. I bought 1" circular mirrors from EBay
4. I followed the recipe in Kim Flottum's book: The Backyard Beekeeper.
5. I weighed and melted the wax
6. I put the glass jar of coconut oil into a boiling water bath to melt it
7. When both were melted and both were 150 degrees F, I stirred them together.

Now the problems start. The recipe said to take the mixture off of the heat and stir in the vanilla and honey. As soon as I took the mixture off of the heat, it started solidifying. I poured in the honey and vanilla but they never really mixed well despite my using a whisk.

So I put the glass measuring cup with the mixture in it on top of one of the boiling water baths with the burner turned off and the mixture came together much better. I filled the containers by using a syringe that the pharmacist at Target gave me. I put the container filled cookie sheet right beside the boiling water bath on top of which sat the balm mixture so that it wouldn't solidify before getting into the container.

Filling the containers wasn't easy - somewhat messy, but I succeeded in filling 90 small containers and five larger ones. As they cooled I realized that in about 20 of them, the honey/vanilla mixture was on the bottom of the lip balm and that those would not be usable because there was liquid below the balm mixture.

I don't know if I can wash and re-use these containers - I hope so - it's a lot of effort if I have to throw out 20 of them.

My camera lens had a smudge on it, but I made a slide show anyway to show you the pictures:


  1. I can't believe you successfully made 70 containers of lip balm AND made a slideshow of the whole process! I'm not amazed that you were able to do it...rather that the thing being made was LIP BALM! : ) Congratulations!


  2. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Fantastic, BeeLady! I'm Inspired.

    Fondly, "D." (Maryland)

  3. Anonymous5:09 PM

    I have made lip balm several times and It comes out great. I shred the bees wax into a bowl and melt it in a double boiler and then add the rest of the ingredient. ( Remember the ratio for most recipes are by Weight). I leave the melted ingredients in the bowl and stir while over the heat. Leave the heat on low while filling your bottles or tubes with a small baister. ( you won't want to use this for your next turkey).
    I highly recomend you visit Mystic Mountain Sages website for recipes and instructions.
    I buy most of my ingredients form them.

    Doug the bee guy


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