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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Trying Out the New SHB Trap

Today I had time to go to Costco to get oil for my Freeman SHB trap. I put the oil in the trap. The tray slides out easily from the back of the bottom board. It was covered in hive debris since it has been on the hive for a week. I dumped the debris and tapped the edge of the tray against the deck rail, but as you can see, some debris is still in the tray.

I filled the tray - the instructions say to fill it half full. Since it slants down due to gravity, I actually had to fill it almost to the top on the edge fartherest from the hive in order to have enough oil in the tray. Sliding it filled with oil back into the hive was difficult. I wished that I had something the level of the opening to rest it on while I filled it. The backward slant made pushing the filled tray into the hive sort of awkward.

Once it was pushed in, I also followed the instruction and pulled it back toward me about 1/8 of an inch to keep it from taking on water on rainy days.

To fill the tray took this much of a five quart bottle of oil, the cheapest they had at Costco. The oil cost $6.99 so I'm guessing it will cost about $3.50 to fill a tray each time you do it. Jerry suggested getting throw-away oil from fast food places, and I am sure there are cheaper ways than Costco, but that is easiest for me, so I wanted to try it following what I would ordinarily do.

Note: I just got this email from Jerry Freeman of the Freeman SHB trap:
From your picture, the tray is pulled too far out the back. In the proper position, it will be 1/4" inside the back and 1/8" from the landing board at the front. This sounds confusing so I'll try to get a picture of this on my web site.

It's raining in Atlanta now, but I'll go push the trap further in as soon as I can!

I won't check this hive again until next weekend - I'll post pictures to see if there are dead Small Hive Beetles. Jerry is sure there will be.
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  1. ...how does it work..the hive beetle trap... don't have any hive bettle here in Philippines... i think....

  2. Είμαστε, επίσης, αναμένεται

  3. Hopefully it isn't too far off position and it works. About the oil, in our restaurant we always dumped it into a big vat and a company came out and emptied it for us. I know they did some recycling of oil but I can't remember the name of the company. It was a local business I'm pretty sure but they may have something like that in your area too. It'd definitely be cheaper if you are going to have to change that pan often.

  4. My peach tree just recently started blooming.
    A few days ago, before this rain, I noticed only one bee around it. It looked like a Honeybee.
    In North East Ga. is it too early for bees?

  5. Not at all. My bees have been out flying since the end of January. on the cold days they stay in, but as long as something is blooming they will be out and gathering nectar. The red maple has been blooming for a while along with other things.

  6. I am interested in becoming a beekeeper. This blog has been very inspiring and full of info.. Thank you!!! God bless!

  7. In Canada I hear the the Small Hive Beetle has crossed the border and it's been found in Quebec. It's expected that Canadians will soon be joining the Americans to fight this pest.


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