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Monday, September 28, 2009

Loss ..... and Gain

We had wondered about the hive with food that we set up at Blue Heron - were the bees there homeless or were they robbers from the neighborhood? Yesterday Julia and I went over and removed the empty boxes.

Under my box which had had the most activity was a clear sign of robbers. When robbers open honey cells, they rip the cell open, leaving ragged edges on the comb and dropping wax shards carelessly below. You can see the wax shards on top of the cinder block.

The reason there are shards on one block and not so much on the other is that some of the frames we put in the wrecked hive had dead brood and some had capped honey - so the honey must have been on that side.

We left the cinder blocks to inspire us for next year and to remind us that once there were bees thriving at Blue Heron.

From a practical point of view, last night I decided to look at the cost of what was lost.

Hive Body - 2 per hive $24
Telescoping Top $20
Inner Cover $10
Screened Bottom Board $15
Frames $20
Slatted Rack $11
Original nuc bees $75
Replacement Purvis Queen $50

Total $225

That's a lot of stuff floating down the river. Since there were seven hives there, each with approximately the same equipment, that means the total losses at Blue Heron for all the beekeepers there amounted to about $1575. Goodness -

While the whole thing was and is very sad, I spent some of Sunday afternoon with a young woman and her family who wanted to learn about bees to see what it would be like to start keeping bees in the spring.

Here's Annie in one of my beesuits, happily opening and exploring beekeeping as a possible new venture for herself.

So I tell myself there is balance. The bees and hives may have washed down the river, but there's at least one new beekeeper who wants to bring the tiny insects into her life.

And next year there will be more beehives and more beekeepers in the world.
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  1. Wonderful attitude in the face of so much loss. I have no doubt there will again be bees at Blue Heron next year.

  2. Hello, Linda,
    We had so much fun yesterday. Thank you for all the answers to our questions. They really helped me having confidence in starting my own hive in the Spring. My husband has agreed to make me one hive after I ordered the first one.
    I am so excited.
    The girls melted their wax when they got home. (I was very glad that they behaved and had a great time visiting.)

    Thank you, Linda.

  3. Hiya Linda and Annie! God bless you both for beekeeping. I'm so sad and very sorry to hear about the flood and the loss of the hives there but I'm happy to hear there is a silver lining.


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