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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just for the record

Pours seven and eight both cracked while cooling - a sign of cooling too fast - which doesn't make sense to me since they were cooling in the oven that was hot (190 degrees) when they were put in and cooled WITH the wax.  But whatever, both cracked down the center.

Pour number nine (and because of time and lack of any further patience, pour number last) is cooling in the oven as we speak.  Tomorrow I'll see what the results are.  If it's a disaster also, I still have the yellow wax, imperfect block to enter into the contest....along with a craft, a photo, medium liquid honey, light liquid honey, chunk honey and maybe cut comb - it isn't really contest-worthy, but I might enter anyway - and black jar (for taste alone).

Our annual picnic is really a big deal.  We have an auction which is our club's fund raiser for the year.  I've contributed a number of items for the auction:  three loaves of buttermilk honey bread that I baked today, three dozen Canadian honey-buttermilk homemade rolls (also baked today), a coffee mug with honey bees on it, a clock with honey bees on it, and my favorite: a dinner for four people that I will cook at my house with every item on the menu having honey as one of the ingredients.

1 comment:

  1. Try using shallower pans to prevent cracking.
    The thicker it is, the more the uneven cooling..
    OR-Try this Casting and baking method=
    Wrap the outside of the cooling pans to insulate them so that the edges do not cool at a faster rate than the center- same process as cooking cakes to keep them from bumping and breaking in the middle..
    It is all about expansion and contraction of the whole as a slow soak to cooling.... same with glass or metal in mold.. the thicker the material.. the longer to cool to prevent breakage.. give it a try!


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