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I began this blog to chronicle my beekeeping experiences. I have read lots of beekeeping books, but nothing takes the place of either hands-on experience with an experienced beekeeper or good pictures of the process. I want people to have a clearer picture of what to expect in their beekeeping so I post pictures and write about my beekeeping saga here.Master Beekeeper Enjoy with me as I learn and grow as a beekeeper.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

My Honey Label for 2011

This year since I have honey for the first time in three years, I decided to spend the big bucks and paid $9.99 (I'm not kidding) for 144 of these gorgeous labels. My friend George (a fellow Atlanta beekeeper and now a new neighbor - he lives about a block from my new house) turned me on to these through his blog post about his labels.

I took the photo of the bee on the butterfly weed - I love the way it looks against the golden honey - maybe I'll use a different picture every year! Anyway the labels came from Colorado and the only disadvantage is that they were shipped on August 25 and didn't arrive in my mailbox until today - almost two weeks later.

I don't get why it takes that long to get to here from Colorado - but apparently they went by pony express or some other snail method.  Seriously, I get no mail of any importance except for Netflix movies - all bills are via computer - so how could the Post Office be so slow when surely in this digital age, they have much less to do?  Spoken, of course, with the voice of impatience that I have felt every day since about the 28th of August.

Here's an up close look at the label.

And here are my pretty little jars that I gave to all my book club friends at book club tonight. (We read The Glass Castle, a memoir about a little girl who grew up starving most of her life, so I guess I wanted to feed the book club since the book's subject was so hungry the whole length of the story.)

Note:  Why Google is a good company:  I have Google ads on this blog - it's a lot of work to keep it up and the occasional click brings a few dollars to my bank account over the year.
         A few months ago I wrote and complained that the ads they put on my site were all about getting rid of bees, poisoning them and such.  I said I was a beekeeper and the people visiting my site LIKE bees, so it seemed counterproductive to put Kill-the-bees ads on my site.  Suddenly about a month ago, the bad-for-bees ads disappeared and new supportive of the bees ads appeared (in addition to others for other subjects).  Yay, Google!
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  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Yay Google! I use Google as a verb: "Have you Googled anything today?"
    Thanks for talking to them, I thought it was very strange when I saw the ads for exterminating bees.
    Anna in MD

  2. Your labels look great and thanks for mentioning my blog, http://beesurprised.blogspot.com/ Today I had a four fold increase in traffic and most of this is coming from your popular blog.

  3. Anonymous6:17 AM

    The postal service the world over has never been known to be "as busy as bees"......(sorry I just had to say that;-)

  4. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I LOVE your labels - what a fabulous photo! Unfortunately here in UK we're not allowed to show a flower unless the honey is made exclusively from that flower.


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