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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Frustration of the WTF

Why don't strange inventions come with directions?

My mother gave me a collection of French cookbooks from Le Cordon Bleu and the series had NO INDEX - none of the individual cookbooks (there are more than 20 of them) had indices nor was there a collective index. I hardly ever cook out of those because to find a recipe means flipping pages and I am a busy woman with much more to do with my time.

This wax tube fastener came with NO DIRECTIONS. Now after a long post and many replies on Beemaster, I FINALLY get how to use the thing.

It's supposed to operate like a straw when you dip it into liquid and put your finger over the open end of the straw. You can then lift the straw out of the liquid and no liquid runs out of the straw until you remove your finger from the open end. I understood the principle, but when I received the directionless WTF, I saw a wooden handle and a metal tube. I understood that the metal tube needed to be filled with hot wax then to put the wax in a groove in a frame for the beehive. so I took the second WTF apart and poured wax into the tube. It hardened and of course could not come out of the tube, not to mention that the tube was flaming hot to the touch.

But there's a SECRET about these WTFs.

Without directions and looking at a BLACK wooden handle, only with extremely careful examination does one find A HOLE in the black wood. See picture below. I promise if you simply received this in the mail, you would have a hard time seeing the hole. I had to take three (3) pictures to get the handle at just the right relationship to the camera for the hole to show up.

SEE - it's right there on the lower side of the black handle.

Why doesn't Dadant at least draw a red circle around the tiny opening since they don't include directions? Or paint the wooden handle a lighter color and still put a different colored circle around the hole?

It's just like those blankety-blank French cookbooks without an index.
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