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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Open-Brood plan for Monday

When I go into the hives tomorrow, I will have several goals:

1. To examine the medium in Proteus. This is the box right on top of the deep brood box. When last I looked the bees were building crazy comb and filling it with honey.
  • I straightened out the crazy comb problem but I need to check to see if it worked or if there is more crazy comb to cut out.

  • I don't want the queen to be bound by honey above her and want to encourage her to build more brood in the second box. So I plan to add another medium to Proteus and to move some of the honey filled comb up into it.

  • Then I'll put some starter strip frames in the center of the first medium to encourage more usage of that box for brood. I'll put about three starter strip frames in the box. I think I'll install them with honey frames in between, but I'll post on Beemaster or Beesource to get an answer about what I should do.

  • In honor of the tulip poplar bloom and its role as a high nectar source for Georgia bees, I also have a honey super on Proteus. I'll simply move this up above all three boxes when I do the maneuvers above.
2. I want to check on Bermuda to see if the bees are drawing out any of the starter strip frames in a medium on that hive that I added last week. I also am generally curious about Bermuda. I haven't looked at the brood nest in about 3 weeks and need to see if the queen is still expanding in her laying.

3. Mellona has a medium box undrawn as of last inspection above the deep brood box. I also in anticipation of going out of town added a honey super to Mellona without waiting for the box below to be drawn out. I'll need to check and see how/if the bees are working on those frames in either box and to determine what is my next concern about that hive.

It's funny, last year I opened the hives about weekly to learn about the bees, but wasn't actually managing the hive. This year I am more focused on hive management. It's interesting how the process of learning works - this year I KNOW so much more (still tons of learning ahead) and what I know informs my choices of what I am looking for in an inspection.

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