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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Results of the Powdered Sugar Shake

GREAT NEWS! I did a Varroa count on the sticky board I put under Bermuda and only found 2 mites. This is the best news because now I can leave the bees alone for a while and let them build up. The sticky board under Mellona also had 2 Varroa mites on it. Forgot to say that this is a 24 hour count - actually a little longer because of work hours - so it was about a 30 hour count.

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  1. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Hi Tillie.. this is KensFarm stopping by to visit. This is my 2nd year too! Nice that your mite counts are so low.. are those 24hr drop counts? I started w/ 3 hives last year.. one ended up starving this year even though they were fed & fed. So now I have 2 hives that I'm looking to make splits from.. have 4 nucs coming from a local beek.. I'm shooting to have 10-12 hives this year.. I have 8 empty hives ready to go.. but still have plenty of supers to build & paint. Best of luck this season!


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