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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Moment in the Middle of SEVERE Drought

Yesterday at my office I heard a strange sound and thought I must have a mouse behind my couch because of the regularity of the click, click, click. I walked over to look and realized that it was raining outside. So much time has passed since our last rain, that I didn't even think to identify the sound as rain hitting the window!

On the maps we are having severe drought in Atlanta. In my part of the Atlanta area, we can only water our gardens on Saturdays or Sundays between midnight and 10 AM. If you have vegetables or herbs in your garden, you can water any time. I gave up tomatoes because the squirrels ate every single one of them and currently am only growing cucumbers and herbs. So no watering for me until Saturday.

In past summers in Atlanta, the usual course of the day includes a sudden, brief afternoon thunderstorm. The state climatologist says we are in extreme drought conditions "defined as those expected once in 50 years, based on many indicators."

For the period of March through May, the Atlanta airport only recorded 5.07 inches of rain. Whatever happened to April showers bringing May flowers? My cleome in my garden is normally growing tall at this point. Today the plants are only about 10 inches tall and are blooming at that height. The water level doesn't support their normal growth.

The bees must be suffering. I see them languishing on the front porch of the hives without any nectar to gather.

It did rain last night for about 30 minutes around 9 PM and we must have had quite a storm late into the night because my computer had restarted when I got up this morning.


  1. Linda, I agree with you about how bad this drought is! I was glad we had rain last night.
    However, my 2nd hive is pulling nectar from somewhere! I just pulled my second medium full of capped honey from them, and there is another one on there for them to eat! I'll try to update my blog today or tomorrow to tell about the fruits of my girls' labors!

  2. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Welcome to global warming friends!


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