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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Rabun County Bees are Hard at Work

Today was my first visit to the Rabun County bees since Memorial Day weekend. So many nice things have happened at the garden. They have the lovely sign below, designating the community garden as "The Old School Garden." The garden is located on an old school ground, thus the name.

As I walked back to the bee hive, I was struck by the lush garden. I didn't take a picture of it as a whole (wish I had), but here are some cucumbers that I am sure the bees are enjoying pollinating!

Then to my surprise in front of the bee yard, they have erected this bright orange caution sign. What a hoot - I love it!

The bees were doing well. I installed them as a 2 pound package from Don Kuchenmeister (fatbeeman) on April 24 2010. By Memorial Day weekend, it was clear that they were doing well, but they had only used about 6 frames of the bottom box. Now they have completely filled the bottom box with drawn frames, brood, pollen and honey. They are into the second box where they have built out a little over 1/3 of the box, all on the right side.

They have beautiful mostly uncapped honey.

The sourwood is in full bloom all over the county and the bees are drawing wax and filling it, trying to take advantage of the flow.  (After posting this, I looked more closely at the comb below which is full of eggs(!) not sourwood honey).

I was also pleased to pull the second frame from the bottom box and see lots of eggs and brood. This is a good queen and a good hive.  Click on the picture to see a larger view of the eggs in the center bottom of the frame.

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  1. I love the sign! What a wonderful place for the bees. Know wonder they are thriving.

  2. Beautiful pictures. So glad to read some happy bee news on your blog. I know you've had more than your share of troubles.

  3. Anonymous10:32 PM

    I love Bee's I just don't love their stingers!
    Lovely pictures and you always do a great job on updating your blog!


  4. ROFL! The sign is priceless! Wonderful tribute to your generosity of spirit, Linda! Great way to promote beekeeping. Bees are lucky to have you in their corner! as are all your devoted readers.


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