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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Young Harris Beekeeping Institute Registration Opens on March 4

The annual Young Harris Beekeeping Institute will take place May 9 - 11 2013 at Young Harris College in Young Harris, Georgia.  Registration opens on March 4 (TOMORROW) and it fills up fast. This year in addition to the usual teaching crew (which includes me!), guest lecturers will be Dr. Tom Seeley, Dr. Dave Tarpy and Michael Young from Ireland.

Don't delay in registering - it fills up quickly.  I do understand that this year 175 people will be able to register (25 more than in past years).

At Young Harris, in addition to learning a lot, you can take the Certified Beekeeper exam, or sit for the Journeyman or Master Beekeeper exam.  I think there are several people working on Master Craftsman beekeeper this year as well.  Even if you are not trying for certification, there's lots to learn at Young Harris.

Talks will be given on queen rearing, bees and mites in the forest, queen's effects on her colony, decision making in the bee colony, national bee loss, cooking with honey, and many other great topics. I'm talking about low tech beekeeping, although this year my talk is going to focus on foundationless beekeeping, with some other low tech items thrown in for fun.

I find Young Harris to be valuable every time I go and I expect this year will be especially great.  I am so looking forward to hearing Dr. Seeley who will speak at MABA on Wednesday night before going to Young Harris for the rest of the week.

Sign up - for a great time and lots to learn.

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