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Saturday, May 11, 2013

What to Study for Journeyman in Georgia

Many apologies to the man who asked me a question at Young Harris today at the lunch break.  We were leaving the cafeteria and this man came up to me and asked me a question that I failed to answer well.  I thought he asked me where on my blog could he read about how to be an advanced beekeeper.

He did ask something about books he could read and I answered that the blog included a bookstore with books that I recommend.  Then I said since I had gone through a lot of changes since I started, I guess he could just read the blog entries.

When we walked away, Noah said what the man was really asking was what books to study for the Journeyman exam.  I feel so bad that I didn't respond to or understand what he was asking.

So if I had a chance to do it over (and if he happens to visit this blog), here's what I would study for Journeyman if I were taking it next year:

  • I'd read from cover to cover Mark Winston's The Biology of the Honey Bee
  • I'd read Honey Bee Democracy by Tom Seeley - not because swarm behavior is essential to the test but because in the process of explaining swarm behavior, Dr. Seeley covers a lot of the new knowledge about bees today. 
  • I'd read Delaplane's First Lessons in Beekeeping since it's the official text 
  • I'd go to EAS or another professional bee meeting this year and listen to the featured speakers rather than to what I thought would be fun to hear
  • I'd learn everything I could about queens, their biology and behavior
  • Even though I'd hate every minute of it, I'd learn everything I could about diseases - causes and treatments
  • I'd study the bee catalogs because they always put some weird instrument or another on the practical exam
  • And I'd study insects of other species than apis mellifera because I would know I'd have to identify a number of them! (and on that item you have to get 100% right)
Sorry, nice man, that I misunderstood what you were asking.  Hope if you read this, that it helps.


  1. Linda,

    You are SUCH a gracious person!

    I am that man who asked you this question after lunch at Young Harris today. And you have ALREADY posted your answer -- even though you must be tired after a demanding two-day workshop! Imagine my surprise when I visited your blog today and saw your complete answer to what I was seeking!

    I have already read Delaplane's book and will read Seeley's book -- and will get Winston's soon.

    I highly commend your blog to anyone who is interested in becoming a serious, advanced beekeeper; and I will gladly donate to your site very soon.

    Thanks and congratulations, too, to Noah for his great accomplishment!! I began keeping bees 15 years before he was born -- and here he is, a Master Beekeeper!

    Your class Friday, Linda, at Young Harris on "Low-Tech Beekeeping" was great. I can't tell you how helpful your blog has been to me!

    Keep up the good work and God bless you!

    Roger Senechal
    Joelton, TN

    1. Anonymous10:39 PM

      Take a look here too--there's a study guide.
      Especially the insect id links at the bottom

  2. Hi Roger, I'm so glad you found this - now my guilt is assuaged! I do think the UGA link is of course crucial to read and follow so thanks to Anonymous for putting it up as well. I took that as a given but should have put it in the body of the post. Nice to meet you and I hope to see you at Young Harris taking the Journeyman exam next year!


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